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Surf Guide Website: A-Frame Guiding

A-Frame Guiding Co. is a new surf guiding company with decades of experience, located in Tofino of Vancouver Island. We helped them build their website and some branded materials, along with some online presence consulting for their booking services and online social media.

How We Helped A-Frame Guiding Build Their Online Presence

A-Frame Guiding Co.

A-Frame Guiding Co. is a surf guiding company run by Adam Smallwood, a local Tofino carpentry framer who has surfed many of his trips around the sun, and has taught many in his past. A-Frame Guiding Co. brings to the table what every tourist should be looking for if they want to get the most out of their trip. 

A-Frame Guiding Co. understands the value in understanding the surf in Tofino; philosophically and physically. The experstise of understanding the local surf and area in Tofino by A-Frame Guiding Co. runs deep, with the understanding of where to go and how to surf; safely. 

If your reason for going to Tofino is to surf, then A-Frame Guiding Co. is your top choice.

We are very honoured to have experienced this project together with A-Frame Guiding Co. as it was a fun and unique project to collaborate together on.

Project Facts


Surf Guiding & Lifesaving Training Websites


Tour / Activitiy Guiding & Tourism


  • Website design
  • Branding material design
  • Online Presence Consultancy
  • Special Feature Integration: Booking System

Launch Date

March 2023

Website Link

The Challenge

Creating a visionary experience for the customers is key for a tour or activity guiding website. Customers need a taste of what they will experience, and the best way to achieve that is with visual imagery and/or video when used accordingly.

  • Stunning specific local Tofino images. Tofino is a no fly drone zone, so aerial photos of the surf are from helicopter only.
  • Large imagery design with the website, making wide imagery responsive.
  • Booking system integration needed.
  • Needs to be easy to maintain.

The Solution

To solve these challenges and give the client something they would love, we chose a overall theme and colour scheme that matched the overall experience that the client would get from a surfing experience in Tofino, British Columbia.

A rich golden colour for the colour of the beautiful Tofino beaches and sand, and a lush blue for the colour of the ocean and waves of Tofino. 

  • Lots of large imagery, optimized and properly sized
  • Colour scheme to match Tofino, B.C. beaches and ocean waves
  • Booking service as chosen by client, integration by Increase Web Design
  • Content consultancy on what should go where
  • Social media consultancy
  • Training for client to use the website on their own
  • Branded business card and branded pamphlet creation

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