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Increase Web Design gives social proof and solves challenges with creative and thorough solutions. We tick all the boxes that your target audience is looking for, then we create a marketing plan to get you to your goals.

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Let’s Define & Achieve Your Goals

All of our clients get an assigned project manager to help you define and achieve what success is for you.

To achieve your business goals, we use these services to help you achieve your success:

Website Design

We design your website to be the solution to your customers and your business. It checks all the boxes, and is optimized for speed and S.E.O. for all of our websites.

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Branding & Graphics

We design brands to provide the answer that customers are looking for. Not only do we define the solution they want, but we satisfy their social proof cravings.

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Content Creation

Professionally created content that drives sales and is optimized for search engines.
Content includes written copy content, photography & videography.

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Marketing Campaigns

Get a better return on investment and improved conversions with a marketing campaign that targets the places your target audience is most influenced.

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Hosting & Management

The top 1% optimized hosting for your website, secured with multiple redundancy measures and professional management to take care of your online presence.

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Plan, Build and Achieve Your Goals

You Have A Challenge, We Have Your Solution

You are a business owner, or you’re just starting from the ground up with a brand new start up. Challenges arise for every business owner, we listen to those challenges and help communicate and organize them.

We help you define your challenges and together we create a project plan that is your roadmap to achieving you solutions for those challenges.


What Our Clients Say

We go out of our way for each and every client to make sure that they are happy with their completed project. It shows with what our customers have to say.

Best Way to Get Leads

I had Increase Web Design build me a website for my new small business. I gave a colour scheme and a feel of my brand and I felt he captured exactly what I wanted just after a short conversation. They made everything simple and easy for me to get all my content on the site. Always professional and on time. I also feel like it is my businesses best way to get leads. Highly recommend Increase Web Design.

Cassandra Saunders

Owner/Operator at Botanically Correct Landscaping in Nanaimo

Increased Efficiency & Profits

We launched our new business The Truffle Farm Inc.  Increase Web Design worked hard providing ideas and collaborating directly with us.  He made a big job for us seem easy.  Our website has increased our efficiency and profits.  We look forward to growing our business further and feel Corey is a part of our team to help us make this happen. Thank you.

Virginia Britzke

Owner/Operator of The Truffle Farm in Parksville

Very Impressed

I’m very impressed with your process, you have a sixth sense for this marketing. I can’t tell you how happy we are with everything you have done for us.

Greg Dunn

Owner of Heart Lake Country Homes in Turner Valley, Alberta


Helping Guide Business Owners to Their Goals

Some of Our Work

Website & Branding

A Frame Guiding Co.

Your Tofino, B.C. Surf Guide

Website, Branding, Content Creation & Marketing

The Truffle Farm

A Parksville, B.C. Truffle Farm

Website, Branding & Social Media

Botanically Correct

A Nanaimo, B.C. Landscaper

From Our Knowledge Base

Website Design & Marketing Information

We share all sorts of our expert knowledge on web design, branding and marketing to help you even if you aren’t one of our clients.

We sincerely have a passion to help you achieve new goals.